Other Projects

I planned on adding more content to the site, and here it is, this is why there isn’t as much rapier info as expected.

I’ve had a couple of neat projects going that included painting and building. I’ve always primarily been a musician but am realizing I enjoy being creative in other ways.

First, I built a deck….yes a deck in my library so that I can look out the window, which is up pretty high up the wall.



I created a barn quilt, popular in some areas of South Western Ontario.


Third, My floor in the basement was chipped in a few areas, so instead of painting the whole thing, I decided to have fun with it!



And I painted my stairwell and a chest of drawers.  November – January were productive months for homemaking!

IMG_20151201_130457   12227735_10153132174016691_8501958261772384556_n